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God promises eternal, everlasting peace to those who respond to His call. Find out more on this site.

New "Bible Bites" videos

We're creating a new series of Bible Bites; short videos that deal with important aspects of Bible teaching.

See the first of the videos in the Bible Bites section and come back from time to time to check for new ones.

Bible Bites

Evening Presentations

Peace of mind. Peace in a chaotic world. Everlasting peace. During Easter week we explored different aspects of peace at our evening presentations.

See videos of the presentations here.

Bible Exhibition

Inquest at Golgotha

Did Jesus really die on the cross? We performed a dramatic presentation that explores this question.

If you missed it, or want to see it again, see the video here.

Children's Summer School

Sign your children up for our Summer School.

Bible Exhibition

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